Heartburn Diet … You Don’t Have To Give Up Everything But…

Following a heartburn diet could be one of the best things to do if you want to avoid those painful episodes. Unfortunately , it can be one of the most difficult tasks to do consistently. Who can blame you?

Think about it. Most of your life you enjoy some of the most delicious recipes. Maybe the best spaghetti dinner in your life is your mom’s secret family recipe. The seasoning perfect. The sauce made from real tomatoes. And let’s not forget the fried meat balls. Mm-mm The garlic, the onions all absorb the seasoning and melt in your mouth!

Who in their right mind would want to give that up? If you’ve got a problem with frequent heartburn, that plate of deliciousness could have you bent over in excruciating pain! The burn in your chest, unforgettable. As a heartburn sufferer, nobody has to tell you what it feels like. You already know.

But still, the thought of living your life on a “special” heartburn diet. Just doesn’t sit well with you.

Well, it can be done.

There’s no doubt you can find a list anywhere on line.  Probably the best rule of thumb is to compile a list of “your” known trouble foods.  There are foods that are considered to be highly acidic.  Too much acid will cause heartburn. But rather than depend on generic lists. Create your own first.

Write down a list of trigger foods, you already know will be a problem if you eat them. A good  diet doesn’t have to be bland, dull and boring meals. Once you have a good sized list, you can take steps to replace these foods with more “heartburn friendly” versions.

Not only are the substitutions good for heartburn, but the side effect of these changes, is weight loss.  Not bad!

The Best Foods To Eat To Manage Your Heartburn

  • Vegetables

Green beans
Baked Potato

  • Meat

​London Broil Steak
Fish (Prepared without added fat)
Skinless chicken breasts
Egg whites

  • Fruit

Fresh apples

  • Grains

Brown rice or white
Multi-grain bread or white
Bran Cereal

  • Dairy

Feta or Goat cheese
Low fat sour cream
Low fat cream cheese

  • Sweet Snacks

Fat free cookies
Baked potato chips
Jelly Beans (Yes!)

This isn’t by any means the only foods you can eat. But this should give you a pretty good idea of some recipes you can create. As mentioned before, a good heartburn diet almost automatically means you’ll be eating healthier. It’s like getting a two for one special!

Just as there are foods that great to eat, there are also bad ones.

There are food that should be avoided as much as possible.

  • Vegetables

​Raw onions

  • Fruits

Tomatoes (Yes a tomato is a fruit)
Grapefruit Juice

  • ​Meats

Chicken nuggets
Buffalo wings
Ground beef chuck

  • Dairy

Ice cream

  • Beverages


  • Grains

Spaghetti & sauce
Mac n cheese

  • Desserts

Any high sugar high fat dessert. Cakes, cookies, donuts, potato chips

A heartburn diet may require you to give up some of your favorite foods. Or at the very least, enjoy them in moderation. Watch your portions. Remember, when you know the consequences of eating certain foods.  The responsibility and choice is up to you.​

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