Medslant Wedge Pillow Review

All around the world, there are millions of people who suffer due to acid reflux which can lead to restless and painful nights. This is a common condition that can be dealt with in different ways. However, one of the best ways of dealing with acid reflux and getting a good night’s sleep is to use a Medslant wedge pillow.

When you visit a doctor for your acid reflux problem, he or she will tell you to prop your head up when sleeping since research has shown that heartburn symptoms are reduced when your head is elevated than your feet. However, this is not possible with a normal pillow since it cannot remain in a proper shape. On the other hand, a Medslant wedge pillow remains in shape always, thereby ensuring that your body and head are elevated properly.

One of the reasons why normal pillows do not work is because they do not provide the required slant in order to get some relief from acid reflux. bed wedge pillowHowever, with a MedSlant bed wedge you will not face any problem. With a length of 32 inches, width of 24 inches and a height of 7 inches, this foam wedge is long enough to create the required slope to rest your head. This pillow includes a carrying case which means it is completely portable, thus making it possible for you to take it wherever you go.  Put in simple words, the Medslant bed wedge is a very good option for those seeking relief from acid reflux, snoring and sleep apnea.

There are two versions of the Medslant bed wedge pillows in the market place, one of which includes an Allergen Barrier which protects from allergies.  They both come with a removable, washable pillow cover and you can also purchase extra pillow covers so you’ll always have a clean one to use. These pillows help those users who have sleeping related problems, asthma, GERD and other health conditions. The concept used in making the Medslant pillow is similar to what doctors have been using for a long time to help patients avoid aspiration and other sleep related problems.

With a Medslant wedge pillow under your head, you do not have to raise the back of your bed and disturb your partner. The foam wedge helps in elevating your head and body so that problems are avoided when you are asleep.  It is recommended that you visit the Medslant website before you buy their pillows.

When it comes to the pillows, the Medslant website informs us that the bed wedge runs torso length. This is a very important feature since just raising the head alone may not be sufficient and in some instances, it can actually worsen the condition. If you are looking to get rid of mites and other allergens, you can also a purchase a hypoallergenic pillow from this site by paying a few additional dollars.

Finally, the Medslant wedge pillow is a very good product that provides great relief to its users. Visit Amazon to purchase the Medslant today.

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