Wedge Pillow – Why You Need One and a Tips on How to Buy

Bed wedge pillows have become increasingly popular today amongst users who have understood their benefits. Admittedly most learn about these pillows and think of buying them when recommended by their doctors after a surgery or to alleviate pain in back, neck or shoulders. However the outstanding benefits of these pillows last long after you have healed from the surgery or found relief from the pain. That’s why they say, once you get used to these pillows you just cannot do without them and buying them becomes a sensible investment for you.

If you have been suffering from sleeping or breathing disorders that affect your sleep at night, bed wedge is the perfect option for you. It’s not only a cure for some of the sleeping disorders but will also aid you in case of respiratory problems and issues like heart burn and acid reflux. Simple issues like these can also affect your sleeping pattern, which leads to years of sleeping issues that just don’t seem to get fixed. It affects your overall wellbeing as you find it difficult to stay focus through the day, feel lethargic and generally slower on your feet.

A bed wedge in that case could well be just what doctor ordered for you. But buying the right pillow for you can be a task especially because there are so many of them in the market today. Different brands talk about their products and make lofty claims about their benefits. While some of them could have some truth to it, you can’t base your judgment based on these claims. There are a few simple things you will need to consider before buying these hugely beneficial pillows for you. Since they have many benefits for you, it’s important that you make the choice wisely.

When you are buying a wedge pillow for yourself the first thing you need to consider is its length. While it usually depends on your height, it’s recommended that it should be between 25-30 inches in length. If the wedge pillow you choose is smaller in length than required then it won’t offer you the elevation you need; what’s worse it can worsen your acid reflux problems and heart burn. Others who have bought these pillows have complained of back pains but that’s got nothing to do with the ill effects of the pillow but it’s because they didn’t pick the one of the right length.

Similarly the height and width of the bed wedge has to be considered before buying. The recommended width is about 24 inches and height around 7 inches to give you optimum benefits. A bed wedge that is wider or too high can lead to discomfort for users. Wedge pillow are available in different materials and each of them have their own benefits, which have to be paid attention to before buying. Foam wedge pillows for example are great for daily use because they are reasonably priced and quite comfortable as well.

Memory foam wedge and tempurpedic wedge pillows are quite popular today because they are firm but take the form to fit your body. They are known to be high quality pillows that also last for a long time. You also get a wedge pillow made out of Polyurethane that are ideal for back sleepers and those with medical conditions as well. For hygiene reasons you should look for pillows with removable covers that can be replaced too. You will also find some pillows with removable head pillows, which aren’t necessary but can add to the benefits. These pillows aren’t expensive today and for your comfort, they are a small price to pay.

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